The way we operate leads to economies of scale. By supporting multiple people with their giving, we can deliver great results at a low cost.

  Starter Account

For those looking to build up their giving funds or to consolidate their giving.

  • Give to any registered Kiwi charity

  • Basic due diligence and charity insight provided

  • Make one-off or regular donations

  • Minimum balance: $1,000 (must build up to $5,000 or more before grants can be made)

  • Minimum grant size: $250

  • 2% fee on account balance (with a minimum annual fee of $300)

Premium Account

A premium account for larger givers with tailored support and advice.

  • Personalised giving strategy and philanthropic support

  • Tax-free investment growth

  • Due diligence and charity insight

  • Make one-off or regular donations

  • Minimum balance: $20,000

  • Minimum grant size: $250

  • Tiered fee structure (as below)


There is never a fee to open a Gift Account at The Gift Trust.

A percentage of the balance of your Gift Account is donated to The Gift Trust annually to cover our operating costs.  

As Premium Gift Accounts receive tax-free investment income, this donation contribution is often deducted from income earned on your account.

  • Over $500,000: 1%

  • $100,000 - $499,999: 1.25%

  • Under $100,000: 2% (with a minimum annual fee of $500)

Additional costs may apply for special requests or for additional philanthropic support and guidance.

We aim to operate a lean and effective charitable “business” model. As The Gift Trust is a registered charity, you can be sure that any extra charges incurred that are not required to sustain or grow The Gift Trust will further support charitable donations.

You might choose to add more to your annual donation contribution to further support The Gift Trust's growth.