We operate Donor-Advised Gift Accounts for larger givers, but there are other ways you can give through The Gift Trust.

We have two other donation funds – a general fund and a special interest fund - that accept donations of any size.  We also welcome bequests.

The initial donors to these funds expressed admiration for the work we do and trusted in our values. They donated these funds for our trustees to allocate where they are most needed.


  • Funds can be placed in a general fund, or a special interest fund
  • Donations of any size welcomed –  $10 or $1 million
  • Claim a tax credit on any donation made
  • Funds are used to support Kiwi charities as decided by our trustees

Special Interest Fund

For those who want to make donations to a specific area of interest, but are unsure who to donate to. Our five special interest funds include:

  • Arts and culture
  • Community
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health and social services

When the funds in these pools reach an adequate size, the Gift Trust makes donations to Kiwi causes in this area of interest.

Donations of any size welcomed.


General Fund

The general fund is for those who want to make donations to support charitable purposes in New Zealand, but are unsure where best to donate.

Depending on the fund size, we aim to make donations annually from this General Fund.

Donations of any size welcomed.