Orientation Aotearoa's vision was connected, inspired and empowered young people creating positive change. With the wind down of the Orientation Aotearoa's Charitable Trust in 2016, the Trustees elected to gift their remaining funds to The Gift Trust to provide contestable scholarships and/or grants to individuals or entities in New Zealand, for work that aligns with their vision and/or those who were involved with this organisation in some capacity.

All scholarship and grant decisions will be made by the Trustees of The Gift Trust.

Selection criteria
Applicants are sought from individuals or entities in one, or more, of the following criteria.

An individual or project that:

  • Builds resilient healthy communities / creates a more just and sustainable future
  • Supports inter-generational community
  • Provides youth development
  • Supports rites of passage transition
  • Provides experiential education
  • Provides personal growth and development
  • Nurtures connectedness and relationships

Closing date

Applications for the next round close on 19 May 2017. Future grant rounds, funds dependent, will be every 6 months.