Gift Trust annual report

This year has been a year of growth for The Gift Trust, but we’ve remained true to our roots by doing what we do best: helping people spread their generosity to those who need it most.

We’ve grown in size and now manage $5.16 million on behalf of our generous donors. This year we donated $185,399 to good causes, bringing our total donations to $843,560 since The Gift Trust started.

It’s our donors that are at the heart of what The Gift Trust does and we’re lucky to work with an incredibly diverse and interesting group of donors. We welcomed some new high profile donors this year, including the Namaste Foundation, who transferred some of their funds from the US to The Gift Trust for their NZ giving. We also welcomed several new private donors and families looking to simplify their charitable giving.

Cheryl Spain - Executive Director - The Gift Trust

There is a story behind every donation because everyone gives for very personal reasons. Whatever the reason, we’re here to make giving easy and fun. We’re proud to play
a part in that.

Thank you to all our donors, partners, supporters and team for a wonderful year.

 - Cheryl Spain, Executive Director