Philanthropic Giving Included in New Investor Migrant Visa

In 2016, Immigration New Zealand announced policy changes for the Investor 1 (Plus) Category and the Investor (2) Category of Migrant Visas to New Zealand. These policy changes come into effect from May 2017.

There are various changes, which include flexibility in the time applicants can spend in New Zealand and the type of investments they can make. Read more about the details here. 

One big change, is that those applying for an Investor Migrant Visa are now allowed to invest up to 15% of their investment funds in philanthropy.

Investors will be able to donate in any area.  The policy will recognise donations to the following types of organisations:

  • Registered charities: with a track record (ie. They have provided annual returns of at least two years) and with IRD donee status.
  • Not for profit organisations: providing social, cultural or economic benefits for NZ, and as approved by the Immigration Operations Manager.

For many new migrants, knowledge of the New Zealand charity sector may be limited.  The Gift Trust, as a registered charity which meets the philanthropic giving requirements outlined above, provides a simple way for new migrants to invest their philanthropic investments through donor advised funds.

If you are looking at an Investor Migrant Visa and wish to consider philanthropic giving as part of your investments, please get in touch on +64 4 391 4438 to talk about your options and the support we can provide.

Benefits of using donor advised funds for Investor Migrant Philanthropic giving.

  • Time: Allows new migrants to New Zealand the space to consider which charities they wish to support.  With over 27,000 charities in New Zealand, there are a number of opportunities to support charities in line with migrants values, which they may not learn about until settled in New Zealand.
  • Expert support: The Gift Trust's team can provide expert philanthropic advice and support of the New Zealand charities space to help direct donors' grants, in line with their philanthropic values. 
  • National reach: Grants can be made from a donor advised gift account at any time and to any charity throughout New Zealand.
  • Growth: Philanthropic funds can grow while awaiting distribution.
  • Family involvement: Allows for family to become involved in local giving as they become more established within New Zealand.

  • No immediate spend down requirements: Unlike other countries offering donor advised funds, there are currently no spend down requirements, but we do request a donation be made at least ever three years.
  • Transfers from international donor advised funds: The Gift Trust has supported donors who have other structured giving options, such as US-based donor advised funds, to bring some of these funds for their charitable giving in New Zealand. Talk to us to find out more.