2017 - A Year of Impact

I'm always surprised and delighted by the wide range of good causes and issues that our supporters choose to donate to. From small, local causes, to well known national or international charities. From organisations working on alleviating poverty, to education, to disability, the arts, environment and conservation. You can see a snapshot of all the organisations we have supported in 2017 here.

Donation word cloud.png

Theres always a story behind every donation because everyone gives for very personal reasons. Some want to spread their good fortune to help others in need, some may have a family member who has been helped by the charity and want to say thank you, others may also volunteer for the charity that they donate to. Whatever the reason, we're here to make your giving easy and fun.

In 2017 The Gift Trust donated to 44 organisations on behalf of our supporters, spreading over $165,000 of generosity. We're very proud to play a part in that.