Supporting the Funding Network

The Gift Trust are proud to be supporting The Funding Network (TFN) events this year.

In 2015 I (Julia) was lucky enough to attend a Philanthropy New Zealand meet and greet with Fred Mulder, who founded TFN in 2002.  Thanks to his work and support The Funding Network is now a global network that hosts live crowd-funding events– often described as a friendly “Dragons’ Den” for charities. The steering committee and supporters nominate and select four social entrepreneurs with small, non-profit organisations, who then pitch for donations from the audience at each event.

Adopting a model that has flourished in the UK since 2002, TFN makes it possible for individuals, foundations and corporations to give collectively (in increments starting from as little as $100), whilst aiming to raise at least $10,000 for each organisation making a pitch.

TFN offers social entrepreneurs the rare opportunity to showcase their work, secure funding and mentoring, and expand their donor base and networks.

The New Zealand Funding Network is a collaborative event sponsored by The Gift Trust along with Macquarie, Philanthropy New Zealand, Lassoo PR, AUT School of Business and brought to you by the Auckland Communities Foundation.

This year events will be held in Auckland and another location in NZ. For more information on attending the event visit