A Gift Account is a simple, fast, tax-smart solution for your charitable giving. 



When you put funds into your Gift Account you make a tax-deductible donation to The Gift Trust


Your donation can be invested in a variety of ways to grow, tax-free, while you decide which charities to support



You decide when and which charitable causes to donate to. The Gift Trust checks their credentials and can provide research or guidance if you wish


Easy set-up

  • Complete our basic online Gift Account Application

  • Fund your account with a one-off, ad-hoc or regular donation. Accounts can start with a minimum $1,000 balance, but must grow to $5,000 before we can start donating

  • Accounts can be up and running almost immediately

Tax effective

  • You're eligible for tax credits for any donations you make into your Gift Account

  • We'll send you a single donation receipt each year to claim your tax credit, irrespective of when you choose to grant these funds to charities

  • Premium accounts can be invested for tax-free growth

Learn about the tax benefits of giving


  • A Gift Account consolidates all your giving

  • We handle the charity due diligence, and are on hand to provide advice and support

  • We take care of all the ongoing regulation and compliance requirements under our charitable status.

See more about Gift Accounts as an alternative to charitable grant-making trusts

 STEP TWO: YOU decide who to support

  • Whenever you like, you provide donation advice – as long as it's for a charitable cause, it's your choice

  • You can choose whether your gift is made anonymously, or in your name

You provide donation advice

  • We'll review your grant recommendation and check that the gift is charitable

  • We’ll ask for impact reports from charities on any grants over $5,000

  • We'll send you a report outlining all your account activity annually


  • If you’re looking to set up giving that will last beyond your lifetime, you can allocate a new donor-adviser to carry on your giving

  • Alternatively, you can work with us to set up a legacy plan to ensure gifts are made in line with your wishes into the future

Leave a legacy

  • Your donation can be invested in a variety of ways to grow, tax-free, while you decide which charities to support

  • We offer investment options, or you can elect an approved investment adviser to manage these funds for you.

Investment options


Got questions? Contact us below, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.