From giving back to the community, to creating a legacy for the next generation, people give for many reasons. We help you develop a unique giving strategy so you can have the most impact on the causes you care about.

Donor-advised giving is all about you. We're flexible and offer personalised and strategic support to help guide you in developing a personal or family giving plan. We take the time to understand the level of involvement you want in your giving and tailor our service to meet your needs.

Your personal or family giving strategy may include:

  • passing on philanthropic values to the next generation
  • benefiting the community or world in a specific way
  • supporting a key cause that has affected you or your family
  • maximising tax benefits so you can give more
  • capacity building to ensure charities you care about are sustainable


Through our premium Donor-Advised Gift Accounts (over $20,000) we provide personalised philanthropic support for account holders to help navigate the giving journey. 

Along with undertaking basic research on the charities you want to support (e.g. checking they are maintaining their charitable status and are financially viable), we also provide advice on how to give more effectively using a variety of grant options, provide anonymity on donations, give insight into what your favourite charity's needs might be, and report back on the impact of your donations - all while covering a full range of compliance and administration services under our charitable umbrella.


For starter accounts (starting from $1,000) we provide do-it-yourself resources to help guide your giving journey - helping you to define a personal mission statement to guide your giving and have an impact.

We'll also send you quarterly newsletters and new insights to help you make even better giving decisions.


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