Like an individual or family, a business can also open a Donor-Advised Gift Account with The Gift Trust to engage in corporate giving. 

Many companies may have, or want to set-up, a private foundation for their corporate giving, but this often requires staff and other business resources to run. A Donor-Advised Gift Account outsources the administration to The Gift Trust, while select staff can remain involved with providing donation advice.



  • Create a point of difference against competitors
  • Enhance your brand and customer loyalty
  • Improve staff retention and well-being
  • Outsource the administration of corporate giving
  • Flexible corporate giving options

CLICK HERE to read how Rocket Lab, the cutting-edge aerospace company, have opened a Gift Account with us to administer their Rocket Lab Scholarship.

Business Giving Options



Business Gift Accounts

Start a Gift Account with The Gift Trust and avoid the set-up and ongoing administrative hassle of creating your own corporate giving charitable trust.

Read more about how Gift Accounts work.

Advisory Services

We can help you establish your charitable trust or foundation and provide advice and support to guide your philanthropy.

Support is provided at an agreed upon hourly rate.


Your business can contribute funds into your Gift Account and can claim a tax deduction in the year that the contribution was made. Read more on the IRD website here.

By opening a Gift Account, your business can also choose to grant funds over a longer time period rather than spending it all in the same year as the original donation.



Contact us to talk further about options for your corporate giving.