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Thank you for filling out your details to make a donation to your selected charity through the Bloomsbury Associates Charitable Fund.

Follow the final steps below.



Click your bank’s logo below, sign in to your online banking and then create your bank transfer payment. If you are creating a regular donation, you will need to set up an automatic payment. Our bank account details are:

The Gift Trust 38-9016-0550788-00

Otherwise you can search up ‘The Gift Trust’ as a bill payee

Please use the following description with your donation:


CODE: Charity


If you are making an international transfer our SWIFT CODE is - SKIWINZ22



Don’t worry, we have sent you an email with this information in case you want to make the payment later.


Thank you from The Gift Trust in partnership with Bloomsbury Associates.

Please note your name, email and donation amount will be shared with Bloomsbury.

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