Simple set-up

Open an account in a matter of hours. Get started with a donation starting from $5,000.


All your contributions to your Gift Account are eligible for tax credits. And, even if you give to multiple charities over the year, you’ll only have one tax receipt to keep track of — the one you get from us. 



We're flexible and offer support to help guide you in developing a personal, family or business giving plan.


Minimal Administration

We take care of all the ongoing regulation and compliance requirements under our charitable status, which creates economies of scale.  As a charitable trust, we are committed to ensuring we operate effectively.


Using a gift account allows you to make donations anonymously and maintain privacy, or elect to have your grants made in your own name - you decide.

Leave a legacy

Extend your philanthropy beyond your lifetime. Name your account to include your family (e.g., "The Jones Family Fund") and nominate family members as successors to the account.


We're open to hearing what you want to achieve, and can work with you to tailor a service that best fits your needs. 


We do basic due diligence on any grant recommendations. For grants over $5,000 we also request reports from recipients on the impact of this gift and will share this with you in your personal annual report. 

National reach

Our focus is on helping our donors support the causes that align with their values. Grants can be made to any New Zealand charitable trust.


We are keen to help you explore different models of giving - including community consultation and participatory grant-making. Additional philanthropic advice is available to support you to try something different.

Read more about participatory grant-making here

Popular Global Choice

Donor advised Gift Accounts are new to New Zealand, but are a favoured choice globally with over $70 billion in donor advised funds in the US.

Got questions? 
Contact us below or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.