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Offering charitable planning is a strategic way to strengthen your client relationships, reach a new generation of clients, seek referrals and help your clients with their charitable giving.

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Your clients may want to give back to reflect their lessons learned, their passions, and the good fortune they’ve received - to be shared with others and generations to come. 

You can support your clients to meet their charitable giving goals through The Gift Trust's Gift Accounts – a flexible, simple and tax-smart service. 

Our Charitable Investment Adviser Program lets you provide customised investment management for your clients’ Gift Account assets, while they direct funds to their favourite charities.

What are the benefits?

For advisers

  • Work with your client to build a portfolio that integrates charitable giving into their financial plan. 

  • Leverage investment expertise to potentially increase your clients’ giving. 

  • Keep gift account funds under adviser management and charge your adviser fees.

For clients

  • Receive investment management for their Gift Account assets from their trusted adviser.

  • Bringing investments in line with their financial portfolio and risk profile. 

  • Obtain a more customised asset allocation to better match their giving timeframe. 

  • Create a giving legacy.

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The Gift Trust, your strategic giving partner

With philanthropic giving experience and national reach we have the resources you need to support your clients' giving, while you continue to manage their funds.

We here to answer your questions and help you with everything from getting started to providing ongoing operational assistance.



The administration and ongoing compliance requirements involved in setting up a private charity can be onerous, and even risky. Setting up a gift account allows The Gift Trust to look after those requirements, and provide support that allows the donor to focus on what they really want to do with their gifts.
— Susan Barker, Lawyer and Charity Specialist
An area of importance to our clients is charitable giving. The Gift Trust offers an opportunity to streamline the gifting process, while adding increased confidence and transparency. It also provides robust due diligence of eligible charities and access to additional support services for clients with complex needs.
— Philip Stevenson, Bloomsbury Associates. CEFEX Certified Investment Adviser.

A simple and effective means for families to have organised giving without the costs and administration of a foundation.
— Joanne McCrae, Private Partner at Deloitte
The gift accounts offered by The Gift Trust are a good option for individuals or organisations wanting to consolidate their charitable giving. I encourage all financial advisers to consider this important development.’
— Dr Rodger Spiller, Money Matters

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