Our mission is to further philanthropy in New Zealand by helping our donors give easily and effectively.

From giving back to the community, to creating a legacy and educational tool for the next generation, people give for many reasons.

With more than 27,000 Kiwi charities to choose from, an increasing administrative burden to maintain a private foundation or trust, uncertainty about whether gifts have an impact, and persistent requests for continued donations, giving is not always an easy matter.

Our Donor-Advised Gift Accounts provide premium philanthropic support for accounts of over $5,000 to help navigate the giving journey. We provide basic research on the charities you care about to check they are well run, are maintaining their charitable status and look financially viable. We also provide advice on how to give more effectively using a variety of grant options, provide anonymity on donations, provide insight into what you favourite charity's needs might be, and report back on the impact of your donations, all while covering a full range of compliance and administration services under our charitable umbrella.

Our aim is to make giving easier and more effective by helping answer some of the complex giving questions - who to give to, when, for what purpose and how.

Our support helps remove all of the administrative hassle, so you can focus more on supporting the charities you care about. 

Our team

The staff and trustees of The Gift Trust are skilled professionals from across New Zealand, each bringing expertise and knowledge to support our work. Meet our team

Our history

The Gift Trust was born from Prometheus Finance – a specialist in social finance, providing Kiwis with ethical and sustainable savings and loan choices.  In 2014, Prometheus closed its doors, but The Gift Trust continues... Read more.


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